A Tea Party Dilemma

Sandra Sorenson is going to host a tea party in her garden tomorrow. It would be the first time that she’d be hosting a tea party and she wanted everything to look presentable. The gardener had mowed the lawn yesterday and neatened up the place, but she felt that something was missing. She resolved that she would have to buy something to ameliorate the space.

Sorenson jumped in her car and drove to a fairy garden crafts store just across the road from Vincent Park, a shopping mall. As she walked in she spotted a statue of a cherub. She pondered. After browsing she’d decided that it would either be the cherub or the five fairy statues that she would buy. See this page for a fairy supplies that can bring a magical charm to your home.

The fairy statues, each one with a different expression, won out in the end. She paid for them and left the best fairy garden crafts store, satisfied with her purchase.

She figured that she would get the tea and the dessert while she was out. She drove into the mall’s parking lot, parked and went straight to Woolworths. She put five different herbal teas in her shopping cart, a tray of roast vegetables for tonight’s supper, a cheesecake, a tray of chocolate brownies and a tray of French macaroons. That should be enough, she thought.

On the way to the till she picked up a pot plant of Chrysanthemums. She gathered it would make an attractive centrepiece on the brooky-laced table that she’d had. She added it to the rest of the items. The wait in the queue was not long. She paid for everything in her shopping cart and left.

When she returned home she placed the fairies at different locations of the garden, with the same amount of space left between each one. This created a rhythm that forced the eye of a beholder to move across the garden, from one fairy to the next. It would draw everyone’s attention to the beauty of the garden at the same time. I’m a genius, she thought, and suddenly she was excited about being the host of this party.

It was not her idea to host the party, but her friends Matilda Alderson and Maine Marity. She could have said no, but saw this as a challenge and rose to it.

With the garden looking presentable, she put the desserts in the fridge, the tea on the counter with the Chrysanthemums and she placed the vegetables in the oven to roast – it was 5.30pm already. Her husband would be home soon, she began cooking the chicken and rice too.